No Upfront Capital Cost, Green Alternative

The integration of torrefied wood into existing coal power plants requires no upfront capital investment by the coal plant operator.  Thus, torrefied wood provides existing coal burning utilities the ability to produce clean, green, carbon neutral, renewable energy with no upfront cost and no lengthy conversion or start-up time.  Torrefied wood also has an insignificant amount of Sulfur and is low in ash.  Torrefied wood is globally recognized as a renewable, carbon-neutral source of energy.  Consequently it qualifies for subsidies currently in place in several EU countries (most notably Belgium and the Netherlands) as well as the renewable portfolio standards adopted by numerous states in the United States (27, according to the United States Department of Energy)  As a result, coal plant operators can obtain subsidies and satisfy renewable energy requirements by incorporating torrefied wood into their production process.

The government of Taiwan has recently presented its initiative for cooperation on climate change and has stated that “using low-temperature torrefaction to convert bio-fuel to eco-coal for cogeneration is the most efficient way of harnessing biomass energy.” Taiwan has made torrefaction a centerpiece of their renewable energy strategy.