Our Process

TorrProc was formed in 2010 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs to provide torrefied wood production facilities.  In pursuit of an efficient, state of the art torrefaction process, TorrProc acquired a license for a trade secret torrefaction process.  Since its founding, TorrProc has worked with technology developers to rigorously test the process and to design and develop efficient, commercial-scale torrefaction plants.

The design that has been developed incorporates several large components that are very similar to existing types of machinery.  These components have a proven record of reliability when used for a variety of purposes and are available from a number of large, well-established manufacturers of heavy industrial equipment.  This design philosophy has eliminated the risks involved in engineering and manufacturing radically new equipment.

There are only two main elements to the process: (1) the torrefaction line, and (2) the grinding and pelleting line. While there are numerous refinements and modifications involved in the design of the torrefaction line, the major components of this line have been in use for decades.  The necessary modifications do not affect any moving parts. These components have a long history of operating on a 24/7 schedule for continuous periods without breakdowns, with low maintenance, and with relatively easy installation.

The equipment used in the grinding and pelleting line is also similar to existing grinding and pelleting equipment that has been in service for many years.  However, to accommodate the specific requirements of the torrefaction process, specific types of this equipment must be used and certain modifications are necessary to optimize the efficiency and safety of the process and the quality of the output.  Thus, the grinding and pelleting lines incorporate trade secret-protected modifications relating to temperatures, moisture, dimensions, molds, dies and binders used in the process.  These modifications do not involve major design changes and do not affect any of the moving parts of this equipment.

All of the equipment is fabricated and purchased from well established companies that have been in business for decades and have fabricated the type of machines required for each of the processes for many years.  TorrProc has gone to great lengths to identify fabricators with the essential combination of experience with similar machinery and expertise to accommodate the novel variations necessary for the torrefaction process.   TorrProc oversees the manufacturing and coordinates deliveries to buyers’ sites.

On-site installation is simplified and minimized because the major components are delivered fully assembled and require minimal on-site setup.